Women’s Health

Womens health is an area of specialisation within medicine both osteopathic and in conventional care. Women undergo different stages of life and with that a multitude of changes that require adaptability. Supple adolescence body brings hormonal changes, growth spurts and emotional demands passing through the transition to adulthood.

The body, mind become more stabilising into a pattern which still requires a certain degree of flexibility. The unique phase of fertility and pregnancy lends to growth, adaptation, postural and hormonal changes in a very short space of  time.

Labour on its own requires a huge degree of malleability underpinned with balance and stability, good function, and good health. Postpartum care, comes with its own fluctuations emotionally, physically and resulting in a huge change of life.

During midlife to the twilight years brings the focus to a slowing of hormonal production resulting in a more static state. Our focus is to keep the body supple, agile and strong.

Supporting the joints, their function, posture and maintaining a great quality of life, no matter what stage you are in.


“I feel very lucky and grateful for the outstanding osteopathic care I have received from Amberin and Laura. It has been a fantastic support during my pregnancy and post partum for myself and my little one. Thank you very much ladies! It is a pleasure to collaborate with you at 58 Well Being Center and I can also say that all the clients I have referred you have always been extremely happy of your care and advices.”
Dominique Antiglio, Sophrologist