Trusted Partners

Our team values high standards of professionalism, both from each other and those we refer to.

During treatment, there is often a complex degree of questioning, and examination to fully understand the problem and find a diagnosis.

At points, if they believe the patient should be referred to a specialist to run out specific tests they will refer to a hand selected group of trusted partners to facilitate the process and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Each partner has been selected on their skills and commitment to healthcare and their patients. They have been earmarked as exceptional in their fields and we are privileged to work alongside them.

They share our values of holding our patients paramount in the process and work well as a collective team environment.

Dominique Antiglio

“I feel very lucky and grateful for the outstanding osteopathic care I have received from Amberin and Laura. It has been a fantastic support during my pregnancy and post partum for myself and my little one. Thank you very much ladies! It is a pleasure to collaborate with you at 58 Well Being Center and I can also say that all the clients I have referred you have always been extremely happy of your care and advices.”

Dominique Antiglio