The Blueprint Method

What is the method?

The Blueprint method is an approach to health, based on retrieving full movement and function in the body. It takes into account sound osteopathic principles of the body’s self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms to restore the full potential of health.

The Blueprint Method is bespoke to the needs of each individual whilst following a structured approach to ensure that their health is addressed from all angles.

The method was devised by Amberin Fur through decades of looking at the complexity of the body and how it presents in dysfunction. Although grounded in osteopathic principles, the Blueprint method goes further to understand the body’s history and cellular memory. Addressing how the dysfunction may have come about, and moreover what holds that cellular memory patterning. Amberin & Laura look to incorporate somato-emotional techniques and other targeted approaches to uncover and acknowledge patterns of tension held within the body limiting the body’s true expression.

The team at Amberin Fur & Associates work closely with mind professionals (Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Counsellors) to provide their patients with support when a more in-depth view and support are needed. Blueprint, is as the name suggests, an expression of our story. Our treatment is a specific acknowledgement on the past (physical, emotional, epigenetics). We recognise that history defines our behaviour and influences our capacity to heal.

The Blueprint Method explores key areas of health:

  • Story: injuries, emotions, habits
  • Lifestyle: movement, nutrition, sleep, stress, gut- function
  • Body: posture, weight-bearing, breath, special senses,
  • Structure: musculo-skeletal system, nervous & arterial system, fascia

The importance of Cellular memory  – the brain is often considered to be the conductor of the body, co-ordinating and responding to stimuli with appropriate responses. However studies are now showing that the body tissues have consciousness of past trauma.

Cellular memory is where the body tissues store past events, which can be evoked when similar chemical, emotional or movement states are present. One fascinating example of this phenomena has been seen with organ transplants, where the receiver has taken on behaviours that were specific to the organ donor. In a less dramatic but still fascinating way, cellular memory can be apparent when a person shows exalted responses to a strain due to past injury, for example if you had a lifting injury in the past putting the body in a similar position might cause a protective response to injury.

Current scientific thinking is exploring the role of the fascia, or connective tissue. It can be the source of dysfunction in the body for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Once thought of as just a connective tissue, fascia is now believed to play a vital role in communication, force transmission and tissue memory.

The fascia has a role in the articular, neural and myofascial systems.

“I realised I was in the special hands of someone who has access to enormous knowledge and experience and Amberin has indeed made a medical, tangible difference to chronic body issues. I had not been able to solve these problems no matter how many and various therapies I tried- but Amberin has a talent to intuit and create a feeling of safety so that the opening process is swift and to my delight,permanent!”
Marianne – Director Holistic Retreats