Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy, like all osteopathy, looks at the relationship between the body’s structure and function. Cranial technique uses gentle contact to support the body and correct disturbances in the holding patterns of the body.

Cranial Osteopathy is based on a model of the body’s physiological functioning that says all the tissues move in a rhythmic and cyclical way as part of their respiratory activity. This can be felt, almost like a pulse, by a trained osteopath and this mechanism is used to both diagnose and treat.

The osteopath will take a detailed case history, examine and treat the patient using the gentlest of pressure.

Cranial osteopathy is often associated with the treatment of babies. However, it lays its main emphasis in treating dysfunction in children and adults alike. This may be caused by labour for a newborn, or a skiing accident in adulthood.

The result remains: an area of pain and a dysfunction in our biomechanical structure. It can be useful in improving general circulation and reducing tension allowing the body to function at its own optimum.

Babies often respond well to cranial technique which may help them resolve many discomforts of infancy or retained from birth. Pre and post partum mothers whose bodies are in a state of change and under hormonal influence, may benefit with adjusting to the rapid change in size and shape. Cranial osteopaths are fundamentally still osteopaths with a strong foundation of anatomy and physiology and a deep understanding of the body.

The cranial technique is a specialised field in which some osteopaths undertake further training at a postgraduate level. They have the same skills in differential diagnosis and clinical testing as all osteopaths, with the added specialty.

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Bridget Arsenault- Journalist

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