Pain Relief

Pain relief/ Sport In dealing with a wide array of sports enthusiasts, from weekend warriors to elite athletes we understand not only the body but the psyche of the sports person.

Our aim is to recover, rehab and get them back in play with a safe, effective, stronger strategy and more efficient than before. We do not believe in closing doors, limiting options and going for the quiet life but we do believe in sensible training and choosing the sport that is right for you.

Optimising your your mechanics to function for the best of your ability. Often, our key concept of body efficiency, brings us healthy sport people.  These athletes are injury free and consult with us to raise their function, shave minutes off their personal bests and to optimise their performance.

Our integrative osteopathic approach serves not only the Musculoskeletal system we look at the nervous, circulatory, fascial and visceral function with the variety of osteopathic techniques, integrating the systems and enhancing unified body function.

“I first met Amberin while competing for the Great Britain National Team. I then went on to perform with Cirque du Soleil for the last 5 years. Amberins vast experience makes her treatments second to none. The only Osteopath to go to in London!I was in a lot of pain and had very little movement in my foot following surgery – this coupled with a prolapsed disc made walking very painful; after only a few sessions with Laura I am now able to move much more freely and am in considerably less pain; both my back and foot are well on the road to recovery.”
C. Barrows Cirque du Soleil

“Amberin is fantastic. I have had a number of basic strains and stresses as well as a few serious problems throughout my competitive career to different areas of my body, and each time, when I felt that there was little hope of full recovery, Amberin has been able to help me. Her knowledge is phenomenal and rather than the usual just rest the area feedback some professionals give you, Amberin is able to analyse the sport and the individuals needs directly. She is able, not only to figure out the Biomechanics of the problem, but to effectively treat the problem immediately and give positive long term solutions. I have a lot to thank Amberin for over my gymnastics career, helping out my minor niggles and also bringing me back to fitness from some major worries. I would recommend her to anyone, but especially those in a sporting capacity as she really understands the mentality of an athlete as well as their physical demands.”
Matt Swaffer GB Gymnast DMT