Optimising health

Body efficiency is our key concept of getting the most function from the structure we are all given. None of us are design as perfect, our bodies endure different demands, stresses and injuries. It is our ability to cope, heal, and recover which affects our quality of life. Our team believe in creating the best environment, function and state of health to create the concept of body efficiency.

It is not enough to be pain free, we strive for better function, better adaptability and better recovery, leaving us more responsive with higher levels of energy and a clearer mind to approach our lives.

“Whether it’s for a general health MOT, to focus on pain relief or pain management, visiting Amberin is a unique and effective tonic, which we highly recommend to one and all. Her warm and down-to-earth demeanor coupled with her impressive skill-set and ability to give apt advice all contribute to making us feel that each and every appointment has done us a world of good. The next time you’re feeling weary, you know who to dial.”
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“Laura has fabulous hands. I have been seeing her for the last 18 months and she has done an amazing job at restoring my health. She is also very considerate and respectful.”