Family Clinic

Osteopathically we see our patients through pregnancy understanding the forces of labour and the demands it places on both the mother and the new born child.

Post birth it is common in practice to treat the new born child with a selection of gentle non invasive but effective techniques, this involves a thorough osteopathic assessment in tandem with the care of paediatricians, GP and midwifes.

Our support of children through their milestones, early infancy and school years helps nurture the bodies inherent, self-regulating system, resolve injuries, and bring them to their maximum potential. This can help with a multitude of childhood complaints.

“Laura helped a lot my baby, Sofia. Sofia started being treated by Laura when she was nine days old and we could immediately appreciate the benefits. She showed a strong preference in turning her head on the right side, causing her head to be flatter on one side. Laura stopped that process with treatment and with a lot of useful advice on exercises to do at home with the baby. Moreover, Laura was key in discovering that Sofia was lactose intolerant, and helped treating her very upset tommy. With her 360 degrees approach I find her as necessary for my baby as a paediatrician.”

“I really cannot recommend Laura highly enough. She has treated my daughter since she was four weeks old and has been invaluable. She has helped her overcome digestive problems, teething pain and nasal congestion as well as give much help and guidance to me. She is wonderful with my daughter and they have formed a real connection. I have total trust and confidence in Laura”.